Dans quelques mois, Katia et Luis vivront la plus bouleversante des aventures. L’arrivée de leur premier enfant. Un moment bercé d’inconnu mais aussi d’impatience. Pour figer cette attente, Katia et Luis ont désiré une séance argentique de ce bonheur à venir. Nous les retrouvons donc dans la belle campagne de Porto pour un tête-à-tête plein de douceur et de belles promesses.

Avec les belles images de Momento Cativo Photography, ils nous en disent plus…

“There are many ways to remember a special time in our lives, the people we love and don’t want to forget, and we can’t think of a better way to do just that than with photographs.

They last a life time, they keep those unique moments alive and strong so we can look back and relive them at will.


It couldn’t have been any different with our first child. We have been together for almost ten years and have been through some memorable and great times but this one will certainly be one of the greatest that we will want to revisit many times over with a lot of love and care.

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It was without a doubt a very special day spent in a wonderful place, the hours flew by, we enjoyed all the beautiful scenery and every single photo taken by this lovely couple of photographers. Everything is easier when a person feels as comfortable as we did, that was one of the things that contributed most for such a great experience !


We loved that the whole shoot was on film and no one could peek at the results, not knowing how it would turn out left us very curious and excited!

The result is what you see… beautiful photographs filled with our love, our happiness, the anticipation for our child.

We will cherish these photographs always and will surely share them with our little prince as soon as he understands them. They are as much a gift for him as they are for us!”

Katia & Luís


Les professionnels du shooting

Photography, Creative Direction, & Styling : Momento Cativo Photography
Film Lab : Carmencita Film Lab
Couple : Katia & Luis
Hair & Makeup : Jenny MakeUp Land
Flowers : Por Magia
Dress : Gio Rodrigues
Location : Porto